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Our story started in 2019 at a tiny warehouse in Dubai by a group of entrepreneurs who want to raise the bar of quality within the pre-owned and refurbished industry. was launched as a B2C platform to sell and buy pre-owned, open box, and refurbished products. With time and after raising the seed fund, became the leading recommerce in the region. Cartlow then expanded to KSA before launching the B2B services in the UAE and KSA. Since launch, more than 30 categories have been introduced, and more will be added as operations and business expands. Behind this technology, our back offices in Pakistan and Egypt are working hard to improve our customers’ experience. After the closure of a 2-million-dollar pre-series, the group launched VASCART with a vision to become the leading return management and reverse logistics solution that can add value to retailers and customers. The story has just begun, and the company will continue making history.