VASCART is re-inventing retail by removing waste from returns. Due to the inefficient reverse logistics recycling, millions of products end-up in landfills and result in excessive carbon emissions from transporting the returns and surplus of goods. Retailers can handle returns more efficiently with better technology, reducing waste and enabling a circular economy. Find out more about how our solution works and how we have a positive impact on the planet.
We deliver effective strategies for retailers and brands looking to maximize results at all points in the returns lifecycle and divert waste from landfills, from customer initiation to warehouse processing and resale. Our solutions have supported the following by partnering with leading brands and retailers within GCC Region:

Reduce Waste:

Returns and excess inventory are traditionally sold in bulk, then delivered several times for several months before reaching a customer. This method is slow and costly, and it offers no insight into a product’s entire life cycle. Our solutions allow retailers to route each returned and excess item to its next best home by minimizing touches and collaborating with donation and recycling organizations, diverting product from landfills. In 2019, retailers who used our strategies could keep 96% of their returned and excess inventory out of the landfill. Our clients divert more than 30% of waste away from landfills and contribute to more than 20% reduction in carbon emissions from returns and excess products on average.

Close the Loop:

Retailers are turning to circular business models to help them expand while also meeting customer demands for sustainability. Returns optimization is an essential part of creating a more circular retail market. Vascart provides retailers with the resources they need to quickly relist returned and excess goods on recommerce or donation sites and route products in need of repair to refurbish and recycle. The extra materials that are harvested through the process can then be used to make new products.

Improve Transparency

Retailers can get unit-level data on where returned, or surplus units end up in the supply chain using VASCART solutions. Retailers now have access to the information they need to improve their CSR and compliance reporting. Our recycling operation recycles electronics safely and preserves the privacy of consumers’ personal information.