Recommerce – the best value for your returns

Get rid of your returned stock through secondary channels and leave a positive impact on the planet while maximising your retrieval rates


Reduce environmental waste from returns


Maintain brand equity and protect perception


Increase the velocity of inventory sales


Increase the value of returned inventory in the secondary market

A Complete Returns Solution for Retailers and Brands

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B2C: Retrieve The Best

Maximize your recovery through our MP channels where your returns will end up in the hands of happy customers instead of a landfill with 10 days return policy and 12-month warranty. Our website:



We connect reverse inventory directly to the right business buyers through our B2B platform, ensuring controlled quality transactions.

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Expedite Return To Stock

Free up space and improve speed to stock with drop-ship fulfilment capabilities for your primary e-commerce site.

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Brand Protected Options

Protect your brand with Customized white-labelled secondary channels.

See our technology in action

Combine Recommerce with Buyback, Recycling, and Returns to offer end-to-end solution.