Manage Returns
Customers, Retailers and the Environment benefit from RLS.Cartlow use of technology to make returns easy.

Manage Returns

RLS.Cartlow technology makes returns easy, benefiting customers, retailers, and the environment.

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Promote Sustainability

Diverting waste from landfills to decrease your overall environmental footprint to save the planet.

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Reduce Cost

By automating the return process and localized warehouses across GCC we can help you reduce cost on overall returns.

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Grow Top-Line Revenue

By a speedy re-stocking process we can increase the value of returns through different sales channels.


Better Experience

Surpass customer expectations and increase customer loyalty through our easy and hassle-free return process.

About Our Company

RLS.Cartlow was founded by Ex. Employees (acquired by amazon in 2017) with a group of ambitious, hard-working people. We unite our experiences and work hand-in-hand towards achieving our vision – To become the leading Return’s Solution in the region by structuring the market and addressing retailers and customer’s needs.

Each member of our team is key to our success, with wide experience in Aftersales, Technology, Ecommerce, Operation, Finance and Recycling …

2,500,000 Returns +


RLS.Cartlow is a great solution, helped us to enhance our retrieval rate on aged inventory and provide better customer experience.

Zahra Walker

The easiest and hassle free solution for our brand, while working hand on hand on recycling therefore drives sustainability!

Feras Saleem

RLS.Cartlow Trade in solution through API integration contributes to our new product conversion , Highly recommended!

Sandeeb Sharma

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